In Bologna many streets are lined with such colonnades.

This a view of what we mean by architecture; something that connects.

The closest collaborative disciplines are, history, literature, geometry, psychology, art, arithmetic and engineering.

What a city represents, historically, is the desire to replicate Creation itself; the act of forming closed order from infinite chaos.

In the restoration of civic order, there is a lot of work to do and much understanding to recover. We do live in a different world but how can we be quite so different if we can still want and see beauty in the same things?

Architecture is a living pattern of symbolic representation in the realm of everyday human perception. Architecture is the permanent invention sitting there with nature's permission, for as long as possible. If the richness of detail reveals a certain reality in the purpose, then such is our aspiration that the feelings are pleased, from every point view.

Paik Associates is an architectural practice formed in 1988.