O There you are,
seemingly out of reach.
You ponder deeper as you get older.
You have a spirit in need of axioms.
Logic, thereby reason, is contingent
On who it is that enters what belief.
Relativism is a real event.
Philosophy? Faith?
What do those words mean 
When the game is about
hooking them in?
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Lately some of my thoughts
Have even been worth having
Thank you Lord
For the blessing of control
Even though it is rather late
My feelings are with you
Why has it taken so long
To recover the sense of self?
Exultation, jubilation, celebration,
With these three words
Life is set free, starting to roll
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Soon the birds will chirp again,
Here at the silent station of
damp stones,
Dare I say in troubled times?
There he lies with his head
over my house
In a citadel 
among the wilderness
Hidden between the fields 
and the mountain frame
A civilised state,
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