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You can't make him work


The images are edited from an Internet sourced copy of the film adaptation by Orson Welles of Franz Kafka's 'The Trial', where the nightmarish imaginings brought on by the words are brought to the screen. In the film, the cast is great and Anthony Perkins is marvellous as Josef K.

You can't make a man work against his will
You can't make him work
Just like the flower on your window sill
You can't make him work

I went to school to learn to read and write
They told me I must obey
I had to stay up awake all night
Though I had nothing at all to say

I had a job down in Tennessee
That's spelt with a double e
Not really knowing why, how and when
I pushed a lonely button now and then

I went down to the basement store
To fetch a bottle of wine
I swear to you I want nothing more
Than to sit and wait for the sun to shine

Magnus White 2020

© Paik Tae Ho  2000