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Carnival scenes: San't Eraclio, Foligno
Walking scenes: Around Piazza di Spagna, Rome

The sweltering mind 
is overcome by sights
It is bothered by the sweat
on a humid day
through which the sun seeps the power
In front it sees form in its purity
And the unobserved circle games
by which we seem to do what we have to do

It was a moonlit evening I was driving home
Listening to the radio to the sound of a familiar voice
Keep moving on as if you were not
You love and you hate with speech but
"May you never lay your head down
  without a hand to hold"

Those are someone else's words

The sights go on and on
Every day, and from the letters
Arise, in images, the true lurid details
Through which the sun shower season

Magnus White 2020

© Paik Tae Ho  2000