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After the Flood


Images of Amalfi

One day there will be nothing left to burn
The heart will be emptied of blood
Will he make Adam and Eve again anew
And this time will he hide the tree
But what’s a garden
without the truth in view
And if we are not tempted
how can we be free
Fig and plum, apple, cherry and lime 
The harvest moon
shines on the merry dance
Things will get well again
Maybe some time 
I will give anything
just for a single chance

Do you really think
there’s something left to learn
My head is spinning round and round
Chins are wagging they look so stern
Like crack circus ponies
moving up and down
If a man and a woman fell in love again
Will there be some spare change for me
Mend the poor hearts that were broken 
in vain
Lord give me the strength 
to let things be in love 
After the flood

Magnus White 2020

© Paik Tae Ho  2000