Abstracts are the business of librarians who have a summarised consciousness of all the knowledge that the shelves therein contain. Foreign policy and things like that tend to be seen as being abstract - in the sense of trying to define for the purpose of negotiations such words as 'interest'. Never compromise one's 'interests', which in other words could mean minding one's own business, which in most circumstances is a sort of courtesy. The actions of courtesy may be concrete but they arise out of abstract notions like 'bonhommie'.

Modernity has a very real look and style but apart from the stupefying effect, as we get closer to its celebratory aesthetic intent, we are struck by a series of abstract notions like a breath of fresh air or even an amazingly 'in the groove' sensation of well being.

Interior, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan, designed by Zaha Hadid

There is a paradox. Ezra Pound thought that abstractions had no place in poetic description, yet some painters can only abstract and cannot describe. The mental effort of abstraction yields no tangible meaning, somewhat like the meaning of 'fantasy', it conjures caves, waves and man made versions of the northern lights.


| Bevagna, 12 3 2017



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