I believe in order and I have a motto: 'Relate'. I live in Italy.

I listen, I draw. I write. I sing.

I was born in Seoul in 1957, a child of refugees from northern Korea. We left in 1967 for the world. I was educated in English in Brunei, Solomon Islands and Australia. I studied architecture at the University of Adelaide graduating in 1982. In 1994, I arrived in Italy with my wife, a child of emigrants from southern Italy, and our two sons. I circulate between Rome and Bevagna where we live, and Chiusi where I've been specialising in landscape design at the grand nurseries of Enzo Margheriti.

Curriculum Vitae

My contact details are: 

Mobile: +39 333 7673773
e.mail: taeho@paikassociates.com

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