Taeho Paik

In 1988 I started an architectural practice in Adelaide: 'Paik Associates'. In 1994, I arrived in Italy with my wife, a child of emigrants from southern Italy, and our two sons. I circulate between Rome and Bevagna where we live, and Chiusi where I've been designing gardens at the grand nurseries of the great naturalist, Enzo Margheriti. After dabbling professionally in graphic design for a few years, I learnt to do my own formatting and layout, writing in HTML. So this craft now goes to upkeeping this site, editing the online journal, 'Our Architecture' and maintaining the literature studies site, 'Fine Minds'.

Here, as well as presenting some designs that I have done, I publish my writings and collect audiovisual material from the Internet. I write because I have a need to separate my two selves, in the natural dialectic within the mind as it struggles, to make sense of things.

My personal background is nomadic. My parents are both from northern Korea. They escaped to Seoul from the Soviet occupation after the war. I was born in 1957. My family moved overseas when I was nine. A few years later I was sent to Westminster School in Adelaide, South Australia. Thereafter I studied a year of engineering, then switched to architecture at the University of Adelaide. I graduated in 1982.

I write poems as the words come one from the other pretending that one should put down important thoughts, without accepting that it is the other way around, as a good materialist like Terry Eagleton would agree, that the words are the thoughts. At the least, they are all out there and much more interesting than anything that the creative imagination could conjure.

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